Ms O M


Noraini is the best!

I’ve been for massage with other therapists but there is no other like Noraini’s treatment. From the moment of arrival to her clinic, she makes you feel very comfortable, she understands  and empathises with your aches and pains and goes to great lengths to break down every single knot in the muscles.

I leave the treatment feeling shattered, and always have a great night’s sleep afterwards. Then, the next day, I am energised and ready to take on the world again.

Above all, Noraini is just a wonderful person to know. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Ms R R T


I had a treatment session from heaven. Reflexology, Thai foot massage, full body massage, glute massage (yes!), facial pressure points, Indian head massage ending with a seated extra back and neck massage. One treatment! 5* checkout. Noraini Stephens you are awesome.


Ms N. K


Finally my 7-day migraine has subsided...with total gratitude and love to the amazing Noraini Anne Jumari Stephens aka Mama-Magic-Hands for a totally blissful 2 hour body massage...this gorgeous soul has some serious healing powers I tell ya!


Mrs R. P-D


Bliss, just pure bliss! That summarises Noraini's massages. I've been having a combination of reflexology, full body and head massage - it's a unique, in depth, head to toe experience, focusing on each individual needs and I can recommend it with all my heart and ... body! 


Not for the faint hearted though - very powerful petite lady!


Ms A.D.


On days when you need a little lift, a little lie down, a little pampering or indeed a little attention to your feet and body then please look no further than this beauty [The Foot Whisperer]


She might be tiny in stature but she is huge in presence and kindness and works tissues deeply and effectively. Bliss x



Mrs. I.H


I was introduced to Noraini by a friend and what a recommendation it was!

From the first email to ask about appointments to having my treatment Noraini was friendly and professional. 

Noraini made me feel totally relaxed and I certainly didn't feel like I was a new client at all.
The treatment I had was a neck, shoulder, arms and back massage and it was amazing, I can honestly say I have never experienced such a fantastic treatment.


My neck no longer hurt when I moved from side to side as it had done prior to the treatment as well as feeling so de-stressed, I would thoroughly recommend Noraini and will be booking regular treatments to continue my well-being. 


Thank you so much Noraini


Mrs. N. S-L


After hearing many fab stories about Noraini's massages, I finally had the pleasure of experiencing one myself. After a long day at work and a 2.5 hour massage, I was expecting to go home feeling tired and ready for bed, instead I felt beautifully chilled but also very energized.


Noraini takes the time to find out how you prefer her to work and listens carefully to feedback, ensuring she provides exactly what your body (and your mind) need. Her strength is amazing, she works the whole body very deeply, tucking into every muscle, 2+ hours of this is an absolute treat for the body and mind.


Her reflexology treatment was incredible, my feet felt amazing and I loved to hear about the corresponding areas it worked in the body and it was fascinating to hear about what Noraini felt in those areas. And the Indian head massage was just the icing on the cake! My body has never felt so light and I could literally feel the energy flowing sweetly through my body - I floated home!


Thankyou Noraini - you really do have a wonderful gift.



Mrs. G. W


Noraini is a wonderful lady and an exceptionally gifted therapist with strong hands. She is extremely passionate about what she does which reflects in her work. I had a 2 1/2hrs reflexology, full body massage and Indian Head massage and is the best treatment I have ever had.


She makes you feel at total ease and the soothing environment enriches the massage experience. She never makes me feel rushed and her prices are extremely reasonable as well.


I have recommended her to all of my friends, family and co-workers and feel very lucky to have found such a brilliant therapist.



Mrs. D.L


Noraini is without doubt an exceptional therapist and human being.  I had overheard people talking about her expertise and thought I would try the Indian head massage for relaxation but then decided to take up Noraini's offer of a full body massage and I’m so glad I did !! .  I had no idea what was in store for me and I was totally spellbound by her intuition into the workings and energy in my body at my very first visit.


Noraini does ask questions to assess the person but more than that during the treatments it felt as though my whole body was having a conversation with Noraini and her hands, fist, elbows would somehow deliver exactly the right pressure and touch in exactly the right spots.  I didn't need to say a word, in fact at times I couldnt I was honestly speechless!


My energy levels were very low when we started but I soon began to feel the energy tingling through me as Noraini worked on me.  Be prepared for some discomfort when the real gritty bits come to her attention! but enjoy the rewards long afterwards.  My body felt like a cup of sticky treacle when I arrived but when I left more like a cup of warm runny honey!


Noraini is clearly totally dedicated to her purpose, or should I say her art, as the studio atmosphere was like an artist immersed in her beautiful work.  It was an experience, not just a massage, and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who needs to be released and energised.


Mrs. O

Just had the BEST massage ever!!! 3 long hours of Reflexology, Full Body and Indian Head massage. I feel I'm floating or flying!!!! No joke!

Truly recommend this lovely lady who has definitely got magic fingers


Mrs. G.N

"I'm lucky enough to have visited some of the best spas in the world but I've never had such an amazing massage as I've had from Noraini at The Foot Whisperer. She is absolutely brilliant. Not only is she incredibly skilled, she is also really friendly and welcoming, putting a lot of herself into her work.  


She needs about 2.5 hours but you will come out like a new person. She is ridiculously good value and until she wises up to how little she charges tip well!


Mrs. L.P

"I was recommended to see Noraini by one of my fit and flexible Yoga friends. She talked so highly of Noraini, and her incredible deep tissue massage, as well as her intuitive reflexology treatments that I felt compelled to meet this incredible woman.


Upon meeting Noraini, you must not be fooled by her petit frame! As she has the strength and muscle power to get into those nitty gritty blockages we all have, at the same time, a seemingly intuitive awareness of how gentle to take it in areas of tenderness.


Her dedication to the knowledge required for Reflexology treatment seems a passion beyond work. Its as though my body was a map to her and she could see all the connectivity throughout my body. Working on my areas of bodily discomfort through my feet.


The effect of the treatment created a deep relaxation and for a few days after, I felt incredibly aware of my entire body. She instilled a respect and a gratitude for the health of my body and made me want to take more care of myself.


Noraini's skill, awareness, harnessed strength and intuitive senses made it one of the most profound massages I have ever received. The full body massage treatment lasted for two and half hours and was a total luxury for me. But one that I intend to take each month."


Mrs. J.J. of Milton Keynes

"Thank you so much for my introduction to reflexology. It is amazing that you can tell so much about the rest of my body just from my feet and I was so relaxed. I forgot to ask you what that wonderful cream was - my skin feels soft and lovely."


Mr. P. C. of Newport Pagnell

"Thank you for my fantastic reflexology treatment. It was superb and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt a bit too relaxed afterwards and it took me a while to wind myself up when I got back to work. I thought your set up at home was great and your professionalism shone through."


Miss S.J. of Loughton

"In all honesty, I loved the massage. Despite having to go back to work, and not getting a chance to rest for 9 hours, I still felt relaxed and revitalised.


I particularly loved the prescriptive approach you take; focusing on whichever part I needed you to, for as long as necessary. I have had many whole body massages, but they usually go from the shoulder to the ankle. Coming to you, I had a unique experience - facial pressure points, incorporated indian head massage and foot reflexology - by definition, a REAL whole body massage.


I had noticed that throughout  the whole week, I slept better - feels like I need another one!"


Miss S. P. of Eaglestone

"Noraini is a fantastic massage therapist due to the fact that she has a natural intuition and ability to make one feel at ease and relaxed. She is friendly, kind, polite and extremely professional. She is also an extremely good listener and will consult you prior to each session allowing her to gain as much information and insight into your diet, exercise routine and  general health. In this way, she gains a unique understanding of your individual needs and able to provide a personalised treatment.

Her treatment room has a lovely calming atmosphere.


It is quiet, clean and has soothing environment and she will enhance your massage experience by playing relaxing and calming music. She has the ability to provide relief from pain, tension or stress and simply allow  you to relax and feel your best.


I always look forward to her drink of water with a squeeze of lemon at the end of the session to flush out the toxins from the body.


I highly recommend her service to anyone and her prices are extremely reasonable."


Mrs. F. A. of Springfield

Having studied and worked as a massage therapist and as a teacher in a beauty therapy school in previous years, I had some knowledge of what to expect from a good massage and reflexology. Unfortunately, I have never found what I was looking for when I went for a massage anywhere in Milton Keynes, until i went to see Noraini Stephens. 


She is an exceptional therapist, totally dedicated to her profession. I would particularly recommend her for her skills and knowledge in performing deep tissue massage, which hits the spot. She has worked wonders on my neck and thoracic spine and after going to her, the movement in my neck has been so much better. She has voluntarily given me a tennis ball method to work on my neck and back at home to give me pain relief, which has been so helpful, that I have passed this information to members of my family too.


She is trustworthy, maintains confidentiality and makes me feel completely relaxed and at ease during her treatments. Helping people get relief is something that is at the heart of all treatments Noraini carries out and she won't let me leave until she is satisfied with the impact of her treatment. She never makes me feel rushed and is always very charitable with her time.


Noraini is without a doubt the best ever and I cannot recommend her highly enough.