Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage?


As the name suggests, Indian Head Massage originated from India and is based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda. Its approach to health involves balance of body, mind and spirit. To promote long life it recommends massage, diet, herbs, yoga, meditation and exercise.


Traditional Indian Head Massage involves oil which is used to maintain good condition of the hair and scalp to protect it from drying out. The massage helps improve circulation of the scalp and it is believed that it can stimulate hair growth.


In the west, Indian Head Massage is a therapy that works on areas prone to stress such as the head, face, neck shoulders, upper arms and upper back.


The treatment can be carried out without using oil on a low back chair or a massage chair and the client fully dressed. If oil is used, clothing is usally removed from the upper body and a towel or wrap is worn. The massage will end with ‘Chakra Balancing’


Benefits of Indian Head Massage 


Relieves tension from the scalp and increases blood flow to the area

Revitalises the body

Lymphatic drainage to the head and neck

Relieves Muscular tension

Helps ease headaches and migraines

Relieves mental strain

Aids concentration

Relieves sinusitis and congestion